Thursday, September 20, 2007

and relaaaax

Enjoying some unadulterated (except sore nipples) R & R

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Might get time to night to write up a proper post, tell a few details. Everything going peachy here. Ryan and Mum has been totally fabulous, my best friends. I love them so much.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Teyla Hazel

Not long out (bout 2 hours ago) !!! Will post more info once i get some sleep. And a pic of me looking alittle like i just gave birth!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Still here!!!!

Dontcha love PJ's !?!!
I have now gone a week longer than ever before. I had the others a 34 weeks (Viv) 37 weeks and 3 days (Ley) and 37 weeks and 4 days (RJ). I AM NOW 38 WEEKS AND 5 DAYS! But I actually don't mind (!!!!! yes you heard right) Things have got comfortable. My hips seem to be affected by some amazing fairy dust magic, I'm sleeping better, heartburn is not 24 hours and as you can see from pic the bump has even become more compact!!! I am REALLY enjoying this pregnancy!!!! Of course Ryan wants me to drop as he wants 2 weeks off work lol. But this is good and dandy for me, helped by the fact this will be our last, so the longer the better, i won't be experiancing this miracle again.
I am nesting like mad, till midnight most nights, bleaching floors, ironing pants and polishing air. My house thinks it has new residents. Things are peachy in my world :)

The children -

Foot seems to be growing well. Is in a great place for birth, still fidgetting alot and enjoying the music i subject the poor thing too!!

Strawberry puff OMG this one is growing up toooooooo fast. She is only 2 1/2 but that is the hardest fact to believe in my world right now. Potty training with her is done now, night and day, she took it on like it was just another part of her play full day. Nothing phases her.

Spud ok so this little tressure still only joins in potty training some days, still sticks stuff in holes and still ignores you when he is not interrested (!LOL!) But between you and me (don't let him know this) He is learning so much. Chats away with really intellegent conversations, knows his colours and shapes. Everyday he surprizes me by telling me something i didn't even know he knew!!.

Outtake This one has had a smile practically tattoed to her face for a couple of weeks now!! You see she is a fan of...... ground force. Yes you heard right, the gardening program. (Alan Titchmarsh is her hero!!!) And my mum and dad whisked her off on a secret surprize day. To meet charlie dimock!!!! She ran and hugged her like a long lost relative lol. She got aultographs and photos. Learning has been alittle slow at the moment. A mix of summer holidays and this big bump. But i have lots of booklets and sheets printed out and made up for when we get back on track. But for now we are enjoying a little relax and play time.

Other bits and bobs
(just for sarah) We found a false widow spider in our play room!!! These have been coming over from places like the canary islands on fruit for hundreds of years, but are just starting to survive our winters and settling in as a native! They offer a bit of a bite to enjoy. Bout as painful as a wasp sting and can make you swell up abit apparently. We jarred it up to watch and how lucky it's laid us a batch of eggs ( I used to be a tarantula keeper before having the children so this is not so freaky as it sounds for me ) Will probably just let it go soon (along way from my house lol) but the kids enjoy watching it.