Sunday, May 13, 2012


So, as my blog has been sitting gaining cobwebs updates are needed.

Outtake went to school. She didn't do an eleven plus but still got into the school she wanted. We discussed it, and looked round the school, and decided it would be this school or no school. The school has just been built and is a media arts school full of clubs and shows and technology. We have gone into it with the idea if she doesn't like, she doesn't have to. She started in September, and apart from one girl testing her alittle cause she is new (which sorted it's self out very quickly) it's all going very well. She is enjoying herself so much, and is making so many new friends, i already barely see her weekends and holidays. Her work is going amazing, she is doing great, and excelling in a few classes. She has been in a show already where she did both acting and singing with her glee club. She hopes to be in this years production of Oliver.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

coming back

Coming back to blogger, for Rahs.
I met Rahs in the the blog world, and since she decided facebook was not for her we have connected less. So i aim to write at least monthly to keep a connection, never know i might get back into it.

 Kitty's puppies grew up and moved to their families. I still hear from them and see two of them regularly, they are growing up so beautifully.

This is the little boy, Louis after his haircut this week.