Monday, September 07, 2009

getting the crafty feeling

OK so i have tuns of housework to be doing, but i have the crafty feeling. I have had lots of things I could be crafting, but just recently i lost the ommph to do it. But right now things are good, and I feel like embracing that with some craft.

I have 101 different coloured flopperty bunnies planned. So shall have a few for sale soon. All autumn colours.
And lots of dolls.
Starting with one for Teylas birthday on Saturday. I can't believe my baby will be two so soon. It's flown by. I have started her doll, ready to give it the facial features, so i shall let her sit with me while i do it. It's nice for them to see the doll coming to life. After the features are on though, I shall do the rest while she is in bed, so the magic of her new little friend coming together is a surprise for her day. She is very excited and can not wait to have her very own birthday cake with candles. I can not believe how clever she is, and very very well ahead. It's scary...perhaps she will be my brain surgeon *lol*

I also have an elephant pattern in mind. Along the same lines of my floppety bunny. I am looking forward to creating that.

Back to schoollllll.. or really not, cause we don't do school, and we don't really stop for holidays, we just go with the flow like usual. We tend to work along with hubbies work, four days on two days off. Strawberry puff (who would have started school now) is picking up basics of reading. She is piecing together a couple of sounds, and also getting good at forming her letters on paper. She has a want to learn. Little spud though (who would have started last year) is still not ready. He is showing steps towards reading, but forming letters and shapes on paper is not happening yet, and the poor thing looks like he's left handed too. But it will come, I'm not worried.
Viv is coming along well. We stick with Singapore maths and science, they work well for us. The maths is great for teaching a good foundation to everything it touches, we like this. We do love our history, using the history of he world alot. There is quite abit of map work with our history, but we are still about to start some geography. Remembering alot of my school days, and having quite a few school going youngsters about, I am becoming aware that we learn a great deal more at home. We branch out more, we teach more and more indepth. Things the children at school are not even touching on, us homeschooled families are doing and enjoying. We are still very undecided about high school.

Puppy loving is going well. Tiny little baby she is. Toilet training is going well, she takes herself outside during the day on her own, as long as there is nothing real scary outside like wind. At night we have to go out with her though. She is scared of the garden in the dark. We have installed her a light *lol*