Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things are plodding along nicely here on the homeschool front. We started off today with some pajama work! (the sun was actually shining at his point) Vivienne did some Singapore maths, some sentence and noun work and a bit of Singapore science.

Teyla did her first drawing. She enjoys doing whatever the older ones are doing so she loved this, she didn't even chew the pencils.

Ryan and Ley have done so many 'M' and '3' work sheets and colouring pages. We have them blue tacked all over the house, and it's starting to look like some weird wall paper. But they love doing them so I have to have lots ready for them.

Once work was done The rain started to fall (actually Hail!) so Vivienne relaxed with Hello Kitty on line. She has been accepted for the closed beta and she is really enjoying it. She loves rpg's and this one she has no problems with, nice and easy. It's a bit more indepth than club penguin too, which though she loves she can get bored with.

Teyla sits and eats all our meals with us now. As i said she loves to be doing whatever the elder ones are doing so she loves dinner times. Makes lots of mess for me sadly.

We finished off with her 'arms in the air' game, which she can say clearly and makes us all do over and over after each dinner. No escaping a bath after sweet and sour chicken with noodles!!

Me and Vivienne did a bit of reading once the rest were in bed. We are enjoying 'The story of the world' books and work.

Now they are all in bed i'm going to settle down with some stitching, i have a little girl whos going to be 9 next month!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My little 'pick me up', secret and annoyance

Our trip to adventure island went down well. Spud loves rollercoasters so much, he wanted to go on every one and wouldn't stop talking about him. Outtake was encouraged onto some with a bribed trip to lush afterwards for a bath bomb.

Today i am going to discuss something i don't tell just any old person. It's one of my little secrets, and a little boost for me. It's also quite an annoyance. My contact lenses!! I got my first glasses at about 8 and had to wear them full time by age 11, these days i am as blind as a bat! I got my first contact lenses at about 14/15. They were gas permeable (commonly known as hard lenses) They were hell beyond hell, so after 6 months of that bad idea i changed over to soft contacts. I got my first lot of colours at 18. I had freshlook in green, sapphire and violet. I have really dark features (with pail skin, proper little snow white) and unless you was in my face with a camera flash they didn't quite cut it. So though i loved them, and i wanted contacts with an extra something (as i HAVE to wear them) i didn't buy them again, hoping that something stronger would come along. But being European, supposedly having lovely light eyes, living in Europe, those lenses i pined for never showed. I was about to give up and get my usual plain colourless lens order when browsing through blogs i happened upon an advert for manga eyes. They looked great, so i did further googleing. I discovered they were called Circle lenses and i would have to get them from Korea (mine are made in Korea and sent over for me by a lovely girl in Malaysia). Ok so whats so great about them. Well being made in Korea they are made for a different people. Firstly, Korea, China, Singapore and all those places brought us manga and anime, which amongst other things have big eyed cartoons.

So circle lenses have a large dark circle round the edge making the eye area appear larger and to make them really stand out. The colour also extends out further making the iris bigger. Secondly most people of Asian descent have dark dark eyes, thus the colour pigment has to be greater.
So i opted for my first 2 pairs and they arrived in the post a while ago. I bet you are dieing to know what colours i went for...... brown and black! Yes you heard right. Brown and black. I went for brown as i wanted to try something to really complement my eyes with out looking like contacts, and black to be freaky (LOL) But i do already have my next 3 lenses picked out and ready for pre-order which are colours (my eyes are so bad, if i want something different i have to pre order to get my stupid prescription)
So onto pictures....

The freaky black

The oh so beautiful brown ( i can't even tell you how much i love love love these)
And some super duper close up. (excuse the eyebrows, rest assured they have now been plucked!!)

One black one brown

And lastly one brown and one natural eye to show the enlargening effect and definition. Lovely.
(click all pics to make bigger..if you want of course!)

Friday, October 03, 2008

cobwebs here

I was looking forward to autumn, don't get me wrong i loved summer in our new home, but i was looking forward to wrapping up toasty under a nice crochet blanket, hugging tight, soft evening light and hot chocolate. (the latter for the children as i am caffeine and dairy free these days)
Every year i forget how i feel as the nights draw in and the sunshine goes. I forget to ready myself for this sudden inability i get to function right now and find myself bogged under wanting to curl up in my little bubble and not face the world. So I'm feeling alittle foggy right now, but do not want to go down the antidepressant route this winter, so friends you will have to bare with me while i kick myself up the arse.
Kicking myself up the arse starts bright and early tomorrow as we walk through the town with the boys brigade then follow on with a day at the amusement park playing on the roller coasters. Hopefully there will be a nice big dose of sunshine out for me.

I had a most annoying visit to my Dr a couple of weeks back (which i think kick started my seasonal depression this year) She made me so very very angry and i shall be requesting another Dr to see to my children from now on. Spud needed his 4 1/2 year check up which was all going lovely, till she asked me what school i was sending him to. Que lots of funny looks, patronizing smirks and "is that really allowed" questions. She let it lay while she finished the check up, only to sit down at the end.. stare at me for a few moments before asking questions like "do you realllly think thats the best thing for your children?" and "don't you think your children will be disadvantaged?" to say i was alittle annoyed by her manor and treatment is putting it lightly, i was fuming.
But we just brush those uneducated idiots aside and enjoy our life right home non schoolers?
At least we have a great home education group in Southend, and a trip to their Friday group (with lots of scrummy healthy food) reaffirmed why i put up with idiots like my Dr and live this lifestyle.

On a plus note I'm down to 91/2 stone. I don't really think i look that much smaller yet. I feel it, and my clothes are looser, but i think i have further to go.

(picture from World of Warcraft game... yes i am a warcraft nerd!!)