Thursday, January 28, 2010

My stunning little boy turned six. Isn't he a little Bobby Dazzler. Going to be a heart breaker when he grows older. I wish i had more time in my day to hug this little boy, he is growing up so quick.

Happy 6th Birthday Ryan Rodney

Thursday, January 14, 2010

teeny tiny

Since Xmas has been over, i have been able to have a play with my new dolly. Kaela needed some new clothes. A friend of mine got a pullip just after me, and was able to indulge in clothes creation through out December and i was quite jealous.
I like the stock clothes Kaela came with, but she's a stylish chic gal and she needs more.
So first i began with a small figure hugging jumper. I used 2 ply yarn and a 2.50mm hook. This was a very quick little item. I made it up as i went along but will try to get a pattern written.

Then i worked on a pattern for some leggings. I think i am almost done with it. I wanted something quite tight, using the fabric stretch to fit and stay up. Pullips have quite clinched in waists so it's easier to stitch both sides of the trousers to get a nice shaped fit. She wasn't in the best of moods though, as she is not too keen on shiny stretch velour in white.

Taking a break from stitching, i decided to make her one of her own bunnies. Everybody else has one!! I made this with the 2 ply and a 1.25mmm hook. Next to a normal one it doesn't look mega small, but those crochet stitches in it sure are. Made my hands ache some.

Then i made her a floppy hat. I have made a few of these in normal scale. It worked well for her. Again i used the 2 ply with a 2.50mm hook.
I like the 2 ply yarn, cause it is small and yet still 'wooly' so looks great as clothes. Crochet thread though small can sometimes look very cord like.

Then to finish up my craft for the week. I took a break and finished another floppety bunny. She is in my folksy shop. Cocoa bunny.

The kids have been getting back into the swing of working. Seems we spend so much time with Egyptians these days. Must be going through that stage. Me and Viv have been talking some about the idea of her going to high school when the time comes. We think we will try it. We have a school that specializes in art in our catchment, and it's having a huge rebuild that should be completed by the time she needs to go. She likes the sound of that. Of course, there will be no pressure to like it.