Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tea or coffee?

I love tea and coffee. All different flavours. Caffeinated and decaffeinated. Leaf and loose. I like it so much i have a draw full, a shelf full and Williamson elephant tea caddies lined on my kitchen counter (on a tray, i'll get to my tray obsession one day). But i hate storing it. Bits of tea leak everywhere and coffee jars land up being lined up at the kettle.
So today i tackled the hidden tea draw. Some of the teas i managed to throw away, cause i knew i wouldn't drink them, the rest i stored in  Ferrero Rocher boxes, which are *about* tea bag sized.
I have been collecting these for a while, i use them to store craft items as well (also provides a good reason to eat them).
~the bags at the back are fruit flavoured not vintage! he he!~

I managed to use the yellow plastic label tape again, i guess it doesn't matter if it matches nothing in a draw. Once i had cleared all the tea up i had room for my flavoured beanies coffee, no more jars lined up at the kettle. Bonus.

Health wise, I guess I was on a good phase when i first started taken B12. I am taking it religiously, but to be honest things are not good at all. This weekend i didn't even have energy to speak, just sat looking at my husband while he spoke. All this waiting is turning me into a fruit loop, wait for doctors appointment, wait for blood test appointment, wait for results, wait for next option. I wish they would put together a list of all the things it could be, take a job lot of blood and test it for everything, instead of jumping from stepping stone to stepping stone.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Nail polish in the post...gleeee

I love nail polish, I mean really love, if my nails are long they always have at least a clear on them. My latest love affair is with a england. Their colours are beyond beautiful and the polish top quality. How could i not be in love with it.

Every month one polish is a 'gem' and has £3 off so i grab a different colour each month, and this month Adina Bodana (the creator) had a two day sale where all polishes had £3 off so i grabbed a couple more. This months 'gem' is called King Arther. I just ordered mine.

Today i am wearing 'Tristam' with 'She walks in beauty' over the top. I had been wearing 'Tristam' alone since Sunday so decided to evolve it for the weekend. Everybody, where ever i go complements 'she walks in beauty', even my Mummy decided she needed a bottle (another polish lover). I have done a photo both with and without flash to show the amazing colour change quality of these polishes, as i go from dark, to shade, to artificial light to sun it's like i have on a different equally sophisticated beautiful polish. I can not rave them enough.

Now in my first paragraph, i said i wear polish when my nails are long. If i love polish so much why would i not always have them long i hear you ask (well i don't really hear you, but i am going to answer anyway). Well, when i am stressed, worn out or worried i am a chronic nail 'picker'. I can take them so low i almost don't have nails. This was them at Xmas.

I've spent the week in complete relaxation, and it's done me the world of good, the coshochronditis feels almost gone. Love my husband and family for giving me the chance to relax.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Another health issue? Sure, why not.

My blog is going to start sounding like a complete boo hoo woe is me fest at this rate. Just returned from doctors, it seems i will be dealing with another issue for a while, in the form of costochondritis. My second 'itis' in the chest. Last time it was pericarditis. Which is where the muscle around the heart inflames and basically squeezes the heart. ( which feels like a heart attack and is super scary) This time the inflammation is in the joints of my ribs and sternum. It's not as bad or as scary as pericarditis, but means dealing with chest pain none the less.
Another appointment, another blood test booked... we will get to the bottom of it all in the end, i guess.