Saturday, December 29, 2007

All done till next year...

Hope you all had a great day...
Everybody tried their best to make it a great day. I screwed up alittle, not many details but i tried to do something special for Mum and landed up letting her down. Hubby keeps saying 'she understands, your mum is great' but thats not the point.
Grandad woke the kiddies up bright and early (for them) They all did well this year. They must have been very good children this year.

Sega got some of her own, non hand me down, rattles which she was pleased about..

StrawberryPuff got lots of princess stuff, so now she can be princess like veve...

I made my dad his very own boobs for christmas, in the shape of a neck cushion

And a blanket for mum. I will not be making such a large, detailed project to a deadline again. Don't get me wrong i enjoyed every part of making it, but i think there is more blood, sweat and tears in it than wool because of the deadline.

I am desperate to get the tree down now though (i always drag it down quickly) I want to open my room back up.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Thank you Annette , this is so much fun....

Monday, December 17, 2007

no mistletoe or wine, but it's christmas!!!

The tree is up and decorated now, the kids are mega excited!!!
We did some crafts that I can actually show before it's Christmas. I got some fabric and made some bunting for the lounge.

And the kids made Christmas wrapping paper winged birds for their ceilings. Spud and StrawberryPuff are at the age when they like to be included into the crafts.

This was my charity shop find, 6 vintage baubles for 99p. I have been able to have a good look around the charity shops recently, as i have had to get the buss into town quite a bit, what with the 'missing car'!!!

Sega has been giggling lots these past few days. Every little thing she does reminds me how quick she is growing.

More updates later peachy people.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mutter mutter mutter

This could land up being a cheesy nice Christmas post, a mumbling moaning post, a long post, a short post or all of the above. I have not given a thought to what to write, i have many emotions and much i could say.

Outtakes 8th birthday was lovely. She had wanted a Nintendo DS for months, and the reason for holding back was her reading level. But she has become very confident in her reading, so she was so pleased to unwrap a PINK ds. She had MySims and Animal Crossing. And she has the thing on every spare bit of her day!! It's weird now she is older, and instead of lots of small bits and pieces she had few but meaningful presents. We all enjoyed LOTS of cake as she had 3!!!!!!!

StrawberryPuff and Spud are so very very excited about christmas. Everytime we put something christmasy out (like the outside twinkle lights) StrawberryPuff runs to her advent calender to see if the windows have all opened!! Spud claims he is getting cars and a scarf (the snowman!!) for Christmas. It's very lovely in our house with two little people discovering Christmas.
And big news, strawberrPuff has quit the dummy. It was only at night anyway, but it had to go.

Sega (the latest nickname for Teyla) Is growing so very very quickly. Smiling and babbling away. :( i have no newborn and my baby is growing up right infront of my eyes. . It's so very beautiful to watch though, even if it is too quick for my liking. She is currently talking and laughing at her daddy. As per usual with my babies (big headed smug moment coming, brace yourself) she sleeps right through the night 7pm till 7am.

I have had my husband home for weeks now, which should really be fabulous, and i am enjoying it, just... it's cause he had a car accident!!! He is well , he scrapped away with a sprained wrist and wiplash. He was travelling on a duel carriageway near us at 70mph and the person in the lane next to him decided he was to share his lane!!! Ryan swerved to miss him but hit the barrier at that speed, and was spun a few times. Our beautiful 8 person Toyota estima lucida has been written off. So we are totally car less over Christmas (mutter mutter mumble mumble) We are so very very lucky we had that car though, cause if we still had the little Nissan we had 7 months ago Ryan would not be here to tell the tale, the front would have folded into the rest of the car. But with the Toyota the inside was still perfect. I'm so thankfull to that car, and we will be replacing it....... at least we hope to. The other driver admitted responsibility there and then, but our insurance company ( DIRECT F**KING LINE ) are being arses about it. We bought and insured our car 7 months ago at £5,000 and they are trying to tell us it's only worth £850 !!!!!!! The 8 seats alone are worth more that £850 . IT was an x limited japaneze car with only 71000 miles on the clock. We are thinking we may have to seek the advice of a lawyer, or we will never get to transport a family of 6 and pushchairs!!!

I have been doing sooo much crafting, but i can't show you. lol. It's Christmas gifts, so i must keep them hidden. I'll show you all after Christmas..

I hope your Enjoying the Season :)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Vivienne Holly

Happy 8th Birthday Vivienne Holly