Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Kitty had Seven pups, but one was sadly born sleeping. It was much much smaller than the rest. They came boy girl, boy girl all night. The three boys and three girls are already double birth weight, and as usual Kitty is doing an amazing job with them.

Momiji only had one pup, and it was so tiny, it passed away after 30 hours. I did everything i could to try to help it. We won't breed Momiji again now, there was trouble with the last litter and i had to hand rear a pup. I won't put her through it again.

As i have needed to sit with doggies, i have picked up my hook and got crocheting. I've been working on a big blanket for a while now, but decided to give it a rest for some quicker things. I covered my pouf, i still have a few ends to weave in on the back side, but will wait for a tv evening to do it. It's just basic granny squares and stripes and worked up very fast.

My fireplace needed some bunting. I always have my fireplace decorated on months when there is a holiday (e.g valentines, easter) but during months with no occasions it was looking bare. I used the same colours as in my pouf cover. I have a couple of other things planned for my fireplace.This pattern was in the latest issue of simple crochet (issue 19)

Now working on a bunch of reuseable cotton pads. I'll have to do quite a few if they work ok, as Viv will want some.

I have a couple of other things on a hook, I'll show them soon, hopefully in a finished form too (lol). I'm already thinking about Xmas (i know i know) a few people are going to get blankets, so i will need to start them soon.