Sunday, March 26, 2006


I am so sorry i have not posted in ages...can i be forgiven?... Please?
It's not from being too busy that i have not posted , more not being busy! I think i took too much on, and went into total melt down...I am hopeing to get back on track with all my back log this week..sorry if i have been a pain to anybody.

Have been doing all the usuals with homeschooling..can't wait for the warmer weather so we can spend more time outside. Vivienne has joined girls brigade with her friend Jade, which she loves..and today she went to get her first badges for beavers, so she was very proud of herself...She has made me some lovely flowers for mothers day. She has also lost another tooth and the new ones are growing through.

Ley has been her normal happy self!! This is her practicing her singing in the kitchen..I can not believe she is over one now.

This picture of Ryan, has been put on for Dottyspot, cause of my believe that him and Nin would get on well, see he can fall asleep anywere too, this is the window seal!

And lastly a picture of my gorgeous hubby, just because i love him so much, and haven't put a pic of him on for ages.

Will try to keep up with posting people......