Friday, November 02, 2007

Something Different - Lirael

It was late by the time the master warlock called me. I have been training under him for sometime, and it was time to learn to summon a Felhunter. I was slightly nervous and excited about the tasks he would have set for me. I met him in the slaughter lamb in stormwind, and he discussed the summoning to me. He sent me to find Strahad in Rachet, a master in controlling Felhunters. I decided to set out bright, fresh and early the next morn.

The sun was shining making the views flying over Dun morogh breath taking. The discovery of life can touch me almost as much as death sometimes.
Despite the sun dustwallow marsh had a wonderfully dark encroaching feel. I re enchanted the bindings on Beliuk my voidwalker and travelled into the unknown..

The unknown showed it's self stalking me as i walked the paths. But a spell or two and i sent them to the grave.

When i reached Rachet, Shrahad told me of a book that would aid my learning, that had unfortunatly been parted in two and delivered into the hands of vile creatures.
I rested in Rachet for a while before setting off again as the sun set.

By the time i reached wetlands and stranglethorn vale, the dark had settled enough to hide my moves, so i could retrieve the parts of the book.

The shadows concealed my moves and my spells while the void obeyed my commands.

Was so late when i had completed the tasks set that travelling home was quiet, with not even a late night partyer waiting for the night tram.

I checked on the stabled horses before setting to study the book and learn the skills. I knew strahad would require me to fight my Felhunter in the morning to show I am worthy to controll such a minion.

My Study was good for the next day I ensured Strahad of my skills by Summoning the demon and then sending it back to the hell from where it came

My spell was learnt. The ability to summon the demon Felhunter was mine.

When i returned home someone was letting off fireworks in town. It made me smile for my day was fullfilled, and i could relax some with the festivities.

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