Saturday, December 31, 2005

One in One out

Well many things have happened in the last year
  • Granma passed away
  • Leyonce was born
  • Ryan had his first birthday
  • My totally fabulous Dad did the london marathon in memory of grandad who died last year
  • we moved house to somewere with abit more stability
  • we took Vivienne out of school
  • Vivienne became 6!!!!!

It's strange the last two years i have had a big heavy bump this time of year, must be why i am missing my baby bump!!

I don't normally do new years resolutions, but this year i really feel i must, there is alot of myself that i really don't like at the moment, it is making me unhappy.

  • Get a clue!!! lol
  • Sort out my umm, i would say personal hygiene, but that makes me sound dirty lol, make more of an effort, putting in my contact lenses each day like i used to, put hair up nice, wear make-up.......
  • do stuff when i think of them, not 'later'
  • organise my day
  • organise myself
  • go to bed earlier
  • get up earlier
  • do everything i say i will
  • sort out my dollies, so i sell more through my bussiness
  • contact friends and family more regular
  • have christmas and birthdays sorted out the begining of year!!!
  • love my husband even more!!
  • cook more yummy stuff
  • cook more yummy stuff with the kids
  • do more gardening
  • finish any courses i have began
  • clean up after myself, and at end of day
  • have my house at an acceptable level of tidiness to invite people in 24/7
  • ummm stop smoking!!!!!!

Think i'm done lol, i got my work cut out! I will review quarterly!! :)

Hope everybody has a good night, and hope next year is good for you.


Friday, December 30, 2005

Grummble Grummble Grummble

Thursday, December 29, 2005

And relax....

What a manic few days we have had. Before christmas was quite laid back, specially with the children not being well, but the last few days we haven't been at home. We had to go see friends and family. The children still haven't been too well, but holding up.

Ley loved her presents..while they were still wraped!! She did get the idea of ripping them open tho, which she found very funny. (excuse over weight mummy in pic ;) i really must loss weight in the new year!!)

Ryan was very pleased to find out the pretty boxes that had been turning up under the tree were actually full of goodies, and didn't need any help with his!!

Vivienne done very well this year, she had loads!! And it was all good stuff too. Some stuff to have great fun with. She got a game for her vsmile, which she jumped straight into!

It was all too much for ley, so she had a nap with her new rattle :)
All in all a great day, mummy came over to help with the christmas dinner ;) Which was enjoyed by us and my mum, dad and sister. Then a lovely relaxing evening.
Since then tho we really haven't stopped for longer than 30 minutes till today, which the children have spent relaxing in their pj's!!! :)

Hope everybody has had a great christmas, now for new year.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Nikki (dottyspots) Has that baby been born?

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Playing with my hair

Whats a mummy to do, when she can't go out as she has babies with stinking colds. Well braid her hair of course!! Totally inspired by Emma from Title for life? I haven't had braids for ages, i used to have alsorts in my hair!! I might braid some more once kiddies in bed, maybe even do whole head...but we will see. I grabed the nearest thing to me to braid into it, so it's just plain old wool. If i do the rest, i'll blog it.
Kiddies have been full of flu/sickness bug, was ment to be going to southend homeschoolers solstice get together, but they wouldn't have been up to it.
My baby Ley is getting so big. She is still not crawling, she wants to be walking far too much!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's been a great day. We went to adventure time again. We met another couple of homeschool families ( hellow Mims ) Vivienne had 2 little six year old girls to play with this time, which she was pleased about.
While Vivienne was at Rainbows i finished the wig for Vivs doll for christmas (excuse the white pins it still needs stitching on ) It's a type of my toddler doll, without a hat, and sack type bottom.

We have at last put up the decs. (though we are still not in the christmas mood!) We even put the lights out front.

We are a odd bunch arn't we, once a year totally sane normal people drag a tree in their house, stand it up, cover it in twinkle lights, tinsal and baubles, watch it die off for a month, then throw it out!!! If intelligent life visited us they would say 'well we found one being, intelligent, yet they have a sparlky lit up tree in their house' . No wonder our little children sit on ore, they are thinking 'umm mum, dad, why have you brought in a tree??!'

Those poor trees, sitting out growing away, and we hack them down and cover them in twinkle lights, talk about adding insult to injury.

We have starting tidying away all the un needed and unwanted stuff before christmas. But when Viv started helping we thought perhaps it was going alittle too far.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Cheers Sarah :). I've been tagged, so here we go

3 names you answer to-

3 parts of your heritage
Umm Milkman!! (as far as i know very english here!)

3 things that scare me
Losing my family

3 of your everyday essentials

3 things you are wearing right now
Black vest
Birght red trousers
Liz earle moisturiser!!

3 of your favourite songs
Baby give it up (kc and the sunshine band)
Push it (nightcrawlers)
follow me (unkle kracker)

3 things you want in an relationship (other than true love)
Kisses and cuddles
secret smiles

2 truths and 1 lie
I would love a big family
My husband and i never argue
I am houseproud

3 things about the opposite sex that appeal to you
Long hair, piercing and tattoos (lol cheat)

3 of your favourite hobbies
Dolly making

3 places you want to go
umm fiji

3 things you want to do before you die
spend some time alone with my hubby
See my children grow
Go to fiji

3 ways that you are sterotypically a male/female
I stop talking when i sulk
i can multi track
I can do everything while talking

3 people i would like to take this survey
Jules - Classroom free
Naturally nice - All things creative
Nicola - Dottyspots

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Having Fun

Children had a busy day today, we went to Adventure land and met Annette and Jade. Vivienne was VERY pleased to met somebody else homeschooled, and it was so good to meet another little girl like Vivienne - still a little girl with no school to change her. Ryan totally enjoyed having free range in such a fun place, and daddy and Ley enjoyed playing in the balls too.
Yesterday we went to the park. It's nice to pretty much have the park to ourself. LeyLey loves the swing more than anything,,,even milk.

Not much 'school' work done, but hey it's christmas.

Monday, December 05, 2005


This is tinsel, on his way to someone special. He's all packed up and ready to go....hang on, whos that jumping in the package with him!!!......

Friday, December 02, 2005

Coping with my own personal little demons here, so not feeling too social. Must be the dark cold days thats doing it. Really want to go curl up like a spitting cat next to a big fire all by myself to sleep. But needs must, and the family make me smile!

Children are all doing well. Viviennes reading is coming on great, and everyday she surprises me on how quick she is picking things up. RJ's words are getting better and better all the time, he comes out with at least 2 new things i didn't know he knew let alone could say. And Ley is shifting herself forward slowly on her belly, but she gets so frustrated, for every shift forward she lays and sobs into her arms for a minute, and then throws her legs around!!

Getting back to my housework now.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


(Shh don't tell Dad) Today we played with our food!!!