Friday, May 23, 2014

Not long.....

At last i have a referral  for the hospital. Just have to wait for my appointment, which i have no doubt will take ages. But i am getting there. I am being listened to. My skin has flared up the worst ever this week. It's like i have burnt my face all over, it's so sore and in the morning i can barely open my eyes for the first hour from swelling. I have done nothing different, or used nothing new. Neither have i been near anything i have thought 'might' be a cause in past.

But in better news Momiji could whelp any day now and kitty from next friday. Super excited. I do worry Momiji only has one pup, which is not fun at all. Kitty on the other hands, i am worried for the complete opposite. She has the hugest belly.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Little things

I'm very easily pleased (though hubby would argue not cheaply)







I get very pleased by stuff. I yoga and meditate and harm none (can't even kill the snails out the garden, i have to rehome them) but i could never be a Buddhist, i am very much part of the material world. I like my pretties and spend ages gazing upon them as i go about my day. My latest obsession is teaspoons. I like every part of what i do to make me smile, make me pleased to be doing it, and if a little teaspoon has the ability to make me happy, i'm all over it.
Luckily quite a bit of my stuff finds it's way in via charity shops, and i get to go on a little charity shop raid with my friend Lu on Saturday, excited much.
I have always been this way, as a teenager (or even child) i used to love stashing and collecting weird things, shopping in all the local charity shops, wearing odd stuff, listening to different music, heck evening looking and acting odd was part of my world. I seemed so different to many people then. It's strange, and i think the internet is slightly to blame, but so many of us seem different or weird as we grow up, but now, now we all seem alike. As though all those odd things we did are becoming normal. Take onesies for example, i grew up in them (my family had a terrible job finding them) everyone laughed, but who's laughing now, people are even wearing them out of the house.

The two mummy dogs are growing bellies now. I will upload some videos as soon as we get visible movement.